Tuesday, March 19, 2013

44. and all you wanted was somebody who cares.

i'm not fucking Kafka or Keats so there's no bloody beat to this.
* * * * * *

you had your fucking choice.
you could have fought for me.
you didn't. you had one year.
one fucking year.
and you didn't. 
we agreed to stay friends.

6 years after being your best friend, your girlfriend;
we gave it all up cos you decided you wanted to taste other cookies out there.
and we agreed to stay friends.

i could have taken the easy way out.
i could have never talked to you again.
i could have forsaken all those 6 years...

friendship investment is not in the sense of cash dollar value. 
to me, it's how long we stood by each other.
i chose to remember the good over the bad.
that's why i chose to stay as friends.

and in those six years, i watched you rise, like a phoenix from the ashes.
i was with you, through the poor, the bad and the worse.

your new friends think i'm using you for wealth.
your new friends don't even know shit.
remember those six years. just remember.

and now you want to get mad at me cos the guy who stole my heart was someone you knew.
when you were the one who gave it away.

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