Tuesday, March 12, 2013

42. bridesmaid

One of my girls, Sue, is engaged, and her wedding will be in Ipoh and Penang on respective weekends in June, and I was honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid, yay!

As is customary for Malay weddings, the bride-to-be usually gives fabrics to her bridesmaid, which the bridesmaid will tailor to her own liking, based on Malaysia's traditional costume of baju kurung, to wear during the wedding for the brides' side. She gave me two gorgeous fabrics; one is purple, the other is purple with zebra stripes. 

Some of my inspirations are the following (I love Mimpikita, it's like saccharine-sweet):-

I love the cutting on the far right. The hourglass shape is perfect. Peplum cuts is also good for my figure, but most of the girls are already planning for peplum-type dresses so I want to stand out a little.

I also love the cutting on the far right. The beige + mint green is too gorgeous. 

I love this cut Juliana Evans wore. The pastel colors are so sweet on her, along with the sequinned sleeves. But I have a feeling the pleated neckline won't flatter me cause I have booooobs.

Can't wait to see the final piece hehe :)

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  1. Hi Junee, i googled some baju kurungs and came across your posts (no. 42), if you have any good tailor who can recreate the salmon pink piece on the far left of your first image post - would you be able to share? Thanks..


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