Sunday, January 3, 2016

pregnancy at 10 weeks: just. let. me. stay. home.

I'm saving these articles first and publishing them for later until I enter my second trimester, just to chronicle my crazy pregnancy


Salam little one, 

We arranged a doctor's appointment right after we came back as recommended by the doctor. Your father went to the toilet to "do a number" whilst I sat with the doctor, and she explained to me your size and expected due date ha ha. 

I teared up when I saw your size. You're 2.25 cm and already wreaking havoc on my hormones. 

She also mentioned that we should be deciding where we would like to do monthly check-ups; if we planned to give birth in government hospital, we needed to start a "buku merah" (red book) at any government clinics. 

Entering Week 10, I'm vomiting almost everything I eat; there's even some dark orange liquid that I purge when my stomach is empty (upon googling, I think it's stomach acid). It's very unpleasant, because after the tenth time you just feel like sleeping on the toilet bowl.

I can't stand smelling almost anything - even your father :( I used to love the smell of fresh laundry, but now it makes me barf, so I had to change the detergent and softener smell. I can't cook or even come into the kitchen, which makes me sad because I loved to cook.

I also vomit a lot if I'm in a car; whether I'm driving or not. You'll be proud that I've controlled my vomiting to red traffic lights if I'm driving!

Can't wait to meet you, insha Allah.

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