Friday, January 8, 2016

Pregnancy: Ujian Air Gula

My second trip to the doctor's was to complete Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT), or Test Air Gula as it's more commonly known in Malaysia.

Generally, women with high risk (based on family's medical history, miscarriage, too much body weight increase in one month of pregnant) are required to take MGTT. I had put on 4 kgs after my first trimester as I was constantly hungry, and my BMI was relatively high, so I had to complete MGTT. In addition, I saw many women taking their MGTT, regardless of body size and height.

You have to fast from eating and drinking from 10 PM onwards the night before, with the exception of small sips of warm water until they take your blood test, which is roughly around 8.30 AM the following day at the clinic.

The nurse took my blood sample (to determine my resting glucose level) to determine my Fasting Sugar Blood (FSB) around 8.30 AM. Then she gave me a large cup of sugared water - I believe it had 80 grams of sugar, which the nurse commented was roughly the same amount of sugar you would find in a typical Malaysian breakfast, such as nasi lemak with teh tarik. I would recommend drinking it slowly, as you are drinking on an empty stomach, and if you vomit the contents, you will have to repeat the test again.

The nurse informed me that my number would be called again in two hours, and I had to stay at the clinic, as she mentioned that some patients might faint after taking the MGTT. So that was a lot of sitting, sighing, scrolling through phone, and reading the newspaper haha. 

At 10.30 AM, the nurse took my blood sample again.

The normal reading after 2 hours of drinking the glucose water was below 7.8 mmol. The nurse informed me that they would call me within a week after receiving my results, so she scheduled a date for my next appointment.

This was approximately during my 16th week of pregnancy.

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