Saturday, January 2, 2016

pregnancy at 9 weeks: travelling pregnant

I'm saving these articles first and publishing them for later until I enter my second trimester, just to chronicle my crazy pregnancy


This week, we travelled to Palembang to visit my brother's in-laws. 

My nausea from Week 8 was safe, to say, quite bad, so I was determined not to let any nausea ruin my trip. The doctor described Veloxin tablets for me, but I prefer Metoclopramide Tablets because it's smaller in dosage and I can take up to three tablets a day. Whereas Veloxin tabs are only taken once, in the morning. 

My morning sickness pattern, is sick in the morning, and sick in the noon. So it's better to take pills with smaller doses.

For expectant mothers, you are recommended to have an official letter issued by your doctor certifying you're fit to travel, and to be issued when you check-in. They will require you to fill out an indemnity form.

I saw a pregnant lady being denied entry because she was 36 weeks pregnant; most airlines allow up to 35 weeks. Was quite pitiful to see :(

Asides from that, I also kept mints, some "asam" (preserved fruits), and paper bags to deal with any unpleasantries. I'm glad to reply that I didn't vomit on the plane! I just took my Metoclopramide pills along with my folic acid, like clockwork.

There was just one night where I vomited non-stop, but asides from that, all was good. 

Insha Allah, we will have a healthy baby.

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