Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Daughter's Chicken Obsession

My daughter is getting to that age where her learning development is rapidly increasing and sometimes I catch myself thinking wow, when did she learn to do that? It seemed like it was only yesterday that she was so dependent on us, unable to walk or incapable of eating. 

Now, she's almost 16 months old and she's walking, refusing to hold my hands, reading books the wrong way up, eating stuff off the floor (... yeah... so we have to keep the floor very clean). She's doing something new every other day and growing up so fast, she's not as little as she used to be...

So recently we were at a wedding reception, and she was walking around with a drumstick in her hands, a first for her.
Here she is with her favourite cut of the chicken, a drumstick... because it's so easy to hold on to.

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Me, Imaan and my mother in law, who is wearing Khatijah Spring square scarf from!

I'm wearing my fav semi-instant shawl and black top from Lady Qomash, my batik skirt was from Curve.

Rare family photo where Imaan is looking at the camera.

She may look like her father, but she sure inherited my chicken love.

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