Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thrifty Mom

Ever since I became a mom, it became harder for me to go to shopping malls because I want to buy every cute dress and top I see for my daughter.
I always have to remind myself that she's growing really fast and there's no point investing in an RM 80.00 dress which she will wear once or twice vs all the items I can get with that one dress. It's also so much harder with girls because everything is too cute. Designers are becoming smarter and making cute dresses with attached handbags and pockets so sucker moms like me can't resist.

I actually prefer to buy tops and leggings for her so it's easier to send her to the nursery - no double or triple thinking too long, just chuck her clothes in. It's only when I noticed her clothes begin to show signs of wear and tear that I will look for new clothes.

But time to time there's always irresistible great bargains... like these clothes for 50% off from normal price. What's a mom to do but not resist haha. The tops were RM 10.00 each. Daddy's Little Sunshine with the pants was RM 10.00, and the tutu top/skants was RM 15.00. From Tesco!

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