Thursday, January 17, 2013

30. anuar zain. anuar frikkin zain.

One of the reasons I love work so much is cause I bump into awesome artists and potential hubbies...


He was doing a shoot in his studio and some of my colleagues stalked in front of the pantry for several hours, because his car was parked in plain sight right in front of the pantry.

He was very nice and patient with me, despite his PA urging him that they had to go. Thank you very much Anuar Zain, for fulfilling my girl crush

I've always loved him. To outsiders, Anuar Zain is a reputable male singer, with voice like honey and hair like silk... erm he's been in the Malaysian music industry since 1998 and has won many accolades and awards for his outstanding voice. 

I think this is easily his most famous song in Malaysia. It's in Malay though, so for those who don't understand the Malay language, you might prefer something in English.

 You might be able to appreciate his voice more through his cover of Marc Anthony's "My Baby You".


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