Tuesday, January 22, 2013

31. a little bit of rhythm and beat @ we love asia

"We Love Asia" was an "Asian" music festival that took place at Sepang International Circuit on 19 + 20 January 2013. They had great line ups such as Taio Cruz, Red Foo from LMFAO, Steve Aoki, Ferry Corsten, DJ Antoine, Joachim Garraud and Yolanda Be Cool.

I only managed to attend the first day of the festival, which featured Taio Cruz, Yolanda Be Cool, Joachim Garraud and Ferry Corsten, because I had a wedding to attend on the second day.

Yolanda Be Cool & Taio Cruz.

It's the kind of event people attend buzzed, or else they don't get the feel of it, much like my friends. I was alright, I didn't need to drink or smoke up to get into the mood. I was feeling it when Yolanda Be Cool entered the set. I don't really listen to Taio Cruz, but when he performed the song he wrote for Usher & David Guetta, "Without You", the crowd really exploded.


Thank God for the boys. Without them I would have been squished. And they were great, cause I had times where I had difficulty breathing, and needed air, and they would be okay with just parting the crowd, getting drinks for me and chill for a bit. On the whole, I loved it. I loved the music, ambience, the grinding, bumping, whatever.


One thing that surprised me was that the crowd was a bit lacking. Which was a plus for claustrophobic people like me :D But on the negative side; there was a set of skanky hoes obstructing me towards the end. These skanky hoes with red hair just shoved people out of the way and did their slutty dance, aka shaking their sweaty, sour hair into people's face to look all sexy. Think I caught some of the sweat in my mouth. Eww. Skanks, I tell ya. Honey, please watch Jessica Alba in Honey and learn from her. 

Thanks boys for accompanying me :) And thank you Churp Churp for the tickets!

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