Wednesday, January 23, 2013

32. the ideal, mythical man.

Many people go through such a hard, challenging phase trying to find the ideal partner of their life. Some of them meet waves and battalions of guys, hell-bent on giving a "good impression" by dressing up to the nines and wearing layers and layers of make-up.

Mr Who?

Others go on "speed-dating" efforts, online social media such as badoo and whatnots, by posting the hottest pictures of themselves to lure potential partners with just images of themselves splashed everywhere. 
"Like" my status? Do you "digg" it?
Wanna Google Myspace and other lame terms here?

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the ratio of men to women is 106:100. Hard to imagine that there are more guys than women here in our sunny, tropical country, and that women have more choices and options, but the fact remains is:
Just how many % of those guys are actually your type or taste
Since playing the single game, I've yet to meet or encounter a guy that I'm truly impressed with. I'm not bashing any guys here, but it's alarming that there are no guys that fit the criteria I'm searching for:

  1. Loyalty;
  2. "Macho-ness"; and
  3. Similar personality

Loyalty in the sense that he is monogamous and practices fidelity. You wouldn't believe the amount of guys who lie through their teeth stating "hey babe, I'm single" but turns out, they're not. They have a girlfriend and they were looking for another cookie jar. Hells to the no. I'm not into those kind of "you cheat, I'll help you cheat" thing. Keep your hands and pants to yourself, please. If you cheat on your girlfriend to be with me, what makes you think you're good enough to stay faithful to me.

I wanna be faithful but I can't keep my hands out of the cookie jar.

"Macho-ness" refers to a certain masculine trait that I like in my guys. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for loving terms of endearments, but when I've just known you for a month plus, and you start calling me manja (affectionate), chomel (cute), and other mushy shit, that's when I know you have an Oedipus complex. It's such a major turn-off. There are other terms of endearments, such as baby, or b, which sounds way nicer. 
I'm pretty sure you won't hear the word "chomel" sputtering from such a macho dude.

Similar personality is very important to me. I like humor; therefore, I like a guy who entertains me and makes me laugh. I'm interesting in adventure; so the guy I want to date must like travelling and is all for a crazy, impromptu plan to suddenly drive to Ipoh for chicken rice, or travelling and sightseeing the beauty of Asia. 

I'm sure single people are trying to find their significant other; but the lack of guys with all three qualities just makes me think that such a guy must be mythical. I'm not looking for Mr. Right, I'm just looking for Mr. Single, Macho-ness, and Similar Personality :D Must be super rare. 

Rare and extinct, the mythical 

Pst: Apologies to any male readers if I have offended any of you. Don't tell me you look at a girl and say "ohhh she must have a nice pair of personality" or "check out that rack of kindness on her" =_____=

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