Tuesday, April 2, 2013

47. getaway to melaka: part 1 (chicken rice balls)

I'm the sort of person who loves to travel. And adventure. I love spontaneous getaways, be it a day, a few hours, or a week. We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny Sunday, so we seized the day to visit my hometown and got up to all kinds of shenanigans.

After visiting my family's side, we headed to town and sought chicken rice balls. This was the first time I was having it, and originally we intended to head to Jonker Walk for the meal, but along the way we saw a blue signboard which intrigued us and lead us to..

There was many people there, and the shop was sheltered from the sweltering midday heat with tarpaulin that showcased the media coverage the shop had received. I was super excited, and believed that it would be an amazeballs experience.


After waiting a bit, we were finally seated and served by a cute little boy who took our orders with an iPhone. Our choice, was of course, the rice balls (hehehe, RM 0.30 each), and chicken (RM 4.00 per portion). We added the nyonya cili garam sotong + prawn, for RM 18.00 for a small portion (you can choose to add petai for an additional RM 4, but they ran out of petai).

So we waited... and waited... quite a bit actually. I think we waited for 40 minutes. And after drooling so long, the food finally arrived:

No picture of chicken. Forgot to take the picture of the chicken cause we were too hungry. 

Overall? TBH I was quite disappointed :( The rice could have tasted better if it was served piping hot, but after waiting 40 minutes, the rice was barely lukewarm. The portion for two people was very disappointing to say the least. The chicken was alright (we got half steamed, half roasted). However, the nyonya sotong and prawn was very delicious! But not as spicy as I thought it would be. And the portion was ridiculously small for the price. Behhh.

I'd go there again for the sotong. And not on a weekend. The table behind us ordered before we arrived, and by the time we were leaving they still didn't receive their food :( 

Rating? 6/10

Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball
275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3,
Taman Melaka Raya,
75000 Melaka
H/P: 0163665220 / 0162165220

*Stay tuned for more Melaka updates :)


  1. hai..i rasa last time i jumpa u kat melaka..that time u baru nak masuk area jonker street :-) u smile dkat i..but i segan nak tegur u, rugi sangat...siggghhhhh....anyway, i silent reader blog u ;-) keep writing eh..n rajin2 updated blog :-)

    1. Hi Anna :) Lorr kenapa tak tegur!! Hehe boleh tanya sket pasal chicken rice balls yang sedap :P Anyway thanks for your comment, bermakna sgt ^_^ Thanks for reading and take care :)

    2. actualy i pun dtg melawat je kat melaka tu..hehehehehe i x tau pun pasal chicken rice balls yg sedap tu..tapi i makan cendol durian kt tepi sungai tu..:-)


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