Tuesday, April 23, 2013

51. quarter of a century years old (part 2)

sorry if this post is overdue. way, way overdue.

My lovely friends surprised me the following day with a rainbow cake. I love cake! I love rainbow cute!  I felt so blessed that my friends took the time and effort for this :) Need to remind myself that I am blessed with so many things in life.

Thank you, girls, for always making me smile :) You guys never fail to do so. 
Thank you, God, for another day with my beautiful friends.
Thank you, God, for every second I have in life.
Thank you, for the beautiful day, which I will cherish. Always.

At this point, the only thing I wished I could have was more money. But hey, money will come. It will come. Hopefully next year, I can take a holiday abroad and get a new car. *Hopefully*

Quarter of a century now. Yippeeee. I am now officially an adult. 

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