Thursday, April 4, 2013

49. recycling

Everybody has big dreams. Fancy car, fancy house, fancy wedding, and so forth. This year I was eligible to "contribute" to my country and pay taxes. So I started rounding up all the receipts I had spent this year to organize for tax rebates and reliefs.

I'm not much of a saving person; I'm ashamed to admit I'll spend the money until my account is dry. When I started analyzing why I was barely surviving, the two main reasons why I was hemorrhaging money was because I spent too much on food, and retail therapy. I spent way too much on food. Let's assume:
Breakfast: RM 1.30 (Iced coffee) + RM 3 (whatever fatty food there is =.= ) = RM 4.30
Lunch: RM 6 (mixed rice/noodles/whatever)
Dinner: Usually between RM 10 - RM 20; let's average it to RM 15
So on average, I will spend around RM 25 for food, daily. If you times it by 5, I spend around RM 125 for food on a weekly basis during working days. On weekend, it's even worse. You know, you're out with your friends, you're spending on coffee, pasta, sushi, all the expensive things. 

On average, I spend approx. RM 400 - RM 500 on food/month!

Isn't that insane? I swear, when I move out of my current place (which doesn't have a countertop/gas stove), I'll move somewhere where the prerequisite of any eligible house will be to have a countertop and gas stove. I'll save so much more cooking at home.

I also spend way more on retail shit than I should. I don't even wear half of my wardrobe anymore. I usually wear the things I have bought within the last year or so.

Top: F21

After analyzing my finances, I decided that I needed to conserve and recycle my wardrobe, if I ever wanted to purchase my dream house, or dream car. So far, I've worn the top in the OOTD above thrice; pairing it with leggings, jeans, and a skirt on various occasions.

I also spring-cleaned my wardrobe a while back, and chucked all the clothes I haven't worn/too small/out of fashion into a plastic bag, thinking I would either donate it or sell it off online...

Then I discovered H&M was doing a promotion:-

Isn't that a great idea? For every bag of clothes you bring in, you will receive ONE 15% discount voucher for an apparel? It's not much, but at least you swap in like five pieces of clothes you don't wear, which is collecting dust and mothballs, for a voucher, and you can spend it on a new item? I love it when fashion does something like this. Why are they doing this?

All H&M stores in Malaysia accepts this barter trade system. You can find out more info at

So get rid of wardrobe clutter, get a voucher, do your part for the environment, and all while you're doing something you love: shopping! Get it, girls!


  1. true..sangat more klu kita masak everyday..simple dish utk kenyangkan perut n selesakan tekak..hhehehee nowadays pembangunan x seiring pun dengan pendapatan...sigghhhh

  2. Depending on the product sold, promotional staff is responsible for the product promotion..


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