Wednesday, April 10, 2013

50. quarter of a century years old (part 1)

7 April marked a significant day for me: it was my 25th birthday! I can't say much except that I had a lot of fun :) Let's just say that I was very rowdy. The initial plan was drinks on Saturday at TDH TTDI with a small number of people, and dinner on Sunday with another batch. Sarah got me a very curious set of pressies...

She got a nice set of aromatherapy candles and..

A few weeks back, we had a random conversation that lead to... dental floss:
Me: X uses a toothpick in front of people... eww
Her: It's good what. In fact, you should floss teeth too.
Me: Floss?? Hrmm can't remember the last time I flossed my teeth.
She: *horrified face* WHATTTT.
Further on into the night, we got up to all sorts of shenanigans haha. 


Most of the night was such a blur. (From other people's accounts, this is what I did):-
  1. Claimed I was going to rob a bank, went into one, plucked a branch from a plant and ran back to the bar barefoot.
  2. Shouted at a guy for using the girl's toilet. Then closed the door and opened it up again and told him off again.
  3. Screamed "it's my birthdayyyy" to random people.
  4. Knocked over a glass of ??? 
  5. Sat one someone's lap and told them IT'S SO COMFYYYY.
  6. Played Taiti (Chinese Poker) and put a bunch of nonsense number cards down saying I WON I WON.
  7. Asked time and time again, "is it a spoon or a fork?" at a long spoon.

If you saw me that night, I'm so sorry for being obnoxiously loud. The night was too blurred out for me =.= It happens once a year. I might need to apologize to the owners of TDH. There's also videos that will never see the light of day....

Thanks for putting up with my crazy, psycho side. Never again, I swear. 

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