Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hey, seniors! Leave your juniors alone.

I was in the shopping mall on a Saturday, about to go down the escalator when I spotted an old friend I haven't seen, so I backtracked, called his name and he turned around. Nobody was around so we chatted for a while, exchanging numbers after loosing touch for a while.

Suddenly, a guy with a stroller comes up the escalator, barges into us and say "DON'T STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ESCALATOR CAN OR NOT?". There was a wide space between the two escalators, and we were 2 meters away. So I shouted out to him "HEY NEXT TIME DON'T BRING YOUR STROLLER ON AN ESCALATOR".

Then this old man (I assume he is with that party) glared furiously at us. I was pissed off so I said "WHAT?" and he flipped out, saying this, and I quote, "WHAT? WHAT? FUCK YOU LAH". He really flipped out in the middle of the crowd, jumped around. Crazy assed motherfucker. They were both old by the way. I wonder, do they teach their kids with that attitude and mouth.

In the first place we were a good two meters away and there was nobody around. We were also there for like less than a minute, just to exchange numbers. By the way don't have the bloody cheek to tell us off but then you're doing SOMETHING DELIBRATELY ILLEGAL JUST TO SAVE A FEW MINUTES AND ENDANGERING YOUR KIDS LIFE! I'm not defending what we did was wrong, but we were not exactly at the top of the escalator and especially don't be a hypocrite.

Oh btw, I love how the old man was a hypocrite because when he shouted at us he was pausing at the top of the escalator too, and caused a jam behind him. Haha. Youngsters are so polite compared to the cheek of the seniors!

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