Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Squeeze those juice!

I've been looking at a few fashion blogs and I love the creativity people use, wear and show just by wearing clothes. Blinding colours, zebra zig zags and leopard prints, oversized cotton tees with rebellious statements worn over glimpses of long legs, nothing else. Haha if I tried to wear that here in broad daylight I think I would either get sued or people would look at me like I've gone yodo.

At uni, we have strict clothes guidelines we have to adhere to - long sleeves, long pants. Nothing too tight and short. Mondays and Fridays we have to wear baju kurung - our national clothes. Tuesdays - Thursdays are casual wear, but it has to be plain jeans, no holes acid splatters bla bla. Not too skinny. Although the metrosexuals of the faculty seem to be defying that law. I like to dress simple and casual anyway to classes. Especially on Wednesday, where my class drags from 8.30 am until 10 pm.

On my way to my public opinion class.

Had a German oral test this morning. Nervous as fuck. No matter how much you read, practice, you can never have that genuine slang. I fucked up my readings, pronouncing my 'v' as v and not as 'f', even stuttered on my zwanzigs! 26. I kept reading it as sechsunzwanzig with it pronounced "sex on swan stix". My German lecturer's eyebrows wriggled skyhigh haha.

Can't believe there's only less than 3 weeks left until our classes finish! We're getting our graduation robes this Saturday. Convocation (for diploma level) is next Sunday. Waddle waddle!


  1. cute blog. thanks for the cute comment. later.

  2. @ angie we have almost the same interests. julian casablance after dark, mm.


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