Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vultures wait to strike.

It is so hot in here, my iced frappucino melts before I can finish it. The fan blades swirls and rotates 160 something degrees, but in this warm temperature, it's just a second of bliss for hours of hotness. Dunkin Donuts of a certain branch is too damn cheap to switch on their aircon in this heat, customers enter to escape the maddening weather but all they have is a low budget fan, to share between nine people sitting on their faux leather sofas.
Lunch at Ampang just now with him For 80 cents per piece, these little fried thingies are a taste of heaven on earth.
Souppp! It was hot but this stuff is so delicious, you cannot resist.
I wish we could wear like this in this weather. Or this country for that effect. But it's just too darn hot. (Topshop). I thought it was a skirt at first but in truth it was glittery shorts. Kind of like a ballerina's winter in Russia. Sighhh.


  1. omgosh your pictures made me so hungry! hahahahah its also beginning to get hotter over here and i would kill for an iced frappucino!

  2. @annieo hahah i have food in almost every post. i've heard australia can get almost as hot as malaysia. iced fraps does nothing except relieve you of the heat for a while before making you even more thirsty =(


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