Thursday, October 1, 2009


I cannot believe played Regina Spektor's Fidelity yesterday night. Considering this is a music station that plays pop and local music! Haha at first I thought it was my friend's CD player, told him to blast the volume up. Then at the end there was the deejay's voice saying "fly ef emmm". Good stuff.

I have "strict" rituals every morning. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is clean up my bed, or to be more precise, to a feeble attempt to hurl the mess into some corner. Then I boil some water. Tear a Nescafe sachet, mix in coffeemate. Add exactly 3 pieces of ice cubes. Then I plonk in front of the laptop and catch up on twitter, blogs, online news and gossip. Etc. The like. If I don't follow this protocol, I feel odd and "off". You ever feel like that? If you don't do a specific thing in a day, your day goes all weird.

These are some pictures of my classmates I took when I went to class with the SLR the other day. Bring a camera with you and people shamelessly starts to pose haha.
F. Camwhore!
Pingu's amazing shoes. RM 30 only haha.
Another F camwhoring.
That guy plucks his eyebrows, I am telling you!
N from Klate. Damn her and her fair skin! D-I-V-AAAA haha.

At a random mamak yesterday.
Pau pau, so soft. Ayam tandoori looks good too.
I always look like a frog.
Amir took this picture of me. K yea no make-up. Fugly.
Amir when I took this picture: "OHHH I LOOK SKINNY! NIIIICE". Me: "Cause it's all blurred out mwehehe".

I was looking at some old pictures I had saved. Not sure if it's recent or old, but it's somewhere within this year. These shots of Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis and Ellen Page by Ellen Von Unwerth are amazing!
Drew B artistically bruised.
Love this shot, Ellen Page looks like one of those demure old-fashioned movie from the Kelly period.
Every time I see Juliette Lewis's face I think of her quote where she sums up Brad Pitt. "He's not that... BIIIIIIG of a deal if you know what I mean" haha.

And a random one of Jessica Stam because her face is so gorgeous and it always takes my breath away. I think it's the heavy lidded eyes. Why can't us Asians have icy blue eyes?
It was a b&w shot. But her eyes are still hypnotizing.

Random shots of me pawned from Sha. Did she take this picture of me?
Maybe she did. I have a stalker!

I just realized this post is really random and full of trivial stuff you could not care about. Except the part about the hot models and actresses and denouncing Brad Pitt's superior size. Haha.

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