Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ridiculous things.

BUSY BUSY BUSSSYY BEE. There's 3 weeks of uni left (this sem) so we have a lot of final presentations, reports, and generally useless paperworks to submit. 28 credit hour, I tell you! Never again.

I did not have time to take any pictures, but I promise you tomorrow night there will be spectacular shots of me and the boyfriend. We're going a date, finally, after so long. Usually we'll be with other people but yay. I have no idea what to do. I was thinking of KLCC, the Petronas Towers. In all it's glory and beauty. Hundreds of fluroscent alighted behind me. The famous water fountain swooshing in the background.

I was re-watching Gossip Girl and first I was actually irked by Blake Lively's slurring words. But I grew fond of her. She is adorable. And her fantastic body! Damn. Girl if I had that body I would not even bother wearing clothes. Penn Badgley is a lucky guy. I made a quick collage of her:

In my opinion, she looks best in the rich blue dresses she wears. It suits her skin tone, accentuates her ahem. In fact blue suits everyone. I find that when I wear blue my skin tends to pop out more and my face glows. Everybody should have blue staples in their wardrobe. Especially electric blue! Suits everyone. Even blue eyeshadow makes Asians's brown eyes pops out.

Think I will go and get me some blue eyeshadow, shimmer powder and new blush mousse! I really like Eva's eyes. Rich electric blue and lots of eyeliner makes eyes look amazing! Need a part time job badly =(


  1. a definite yes ot blake lively and blue shadow! lvoe lvoe shimmer blue anything;)

    xx raez

  2. That bleu eye make up is awesome, mmm, maybe sumtin i will try this weekend.

    One Love,

  3. @raez love that, shimmer blue! actually i should put up the picture of your model with the peacock make up, it's beyond fantastic.

    @jowy should due ;) you'd be amazed how it accentuates every features you have.


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