Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend fun.

I had a rather adventurous weekend so I will break it up to two posts! On Friday noon, my bf took me to a nice little lunch at Chilli's. Thank goodness I didn't order the cajun chicken whatever it was because we ordered a burger and Triple Play thingy. We were both soooo full. Mm. Good fun, premade. American style.
"Tiny" burgers my ass. This was sooo good.
The Triple Play. Is that the right term? Or was that for TGIF?
Yeepp yepp all mine.
Tribute to the beautiful food.
Me! Bom cha cha.

Also went to KLCC on Saturday with plans of cheering up S who got into a nasty squabble with her bf (har har, what is up with us girls). We trudged around KLCC in the hot heat, jumping and sweating under the glare of the sun. I wanted to take a picture of the kiddy pool but the security guard thought I was a paedophile (???) and said "TAKLEH AMEK GAMBAR KALAU TAK BAWAK BUDAK" (cannot take your pictures here if you do not bring kids yourself). However a bunch of tourists were snapping away heavily and I pinpointed that to her and she rushed off. I don't think they understood her, however. Poor woman.
KLCC in all its glory during mid day heat.
I made him jump a few times. He jumps really high.
It was too hot to jump =P I love the fireworks-water display in the back.
S joins me.
Being a kidddd again. Got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes.

Khalil came by and wanted to be photographer. Unfortunately he did not change the ISO setting.
Me and S at the Deepavali display. Damnnn S is too skinny!!
Close up of the beautiful display.
We can't get the real cruise so the next best thing is a fake shot next to a Ralph Lauren boat.
We walked into Harrods. Surprised there wasn't a dress code! RM 16 for titchy strawberry cheese cakes and RM 50 for a box of toffee =(
Took this shot of the barista woman making Godiva's super overpriced RM 22 shake o_o. So surprised people buy this shit yo. But damn I do wanna taste it.

We went to the Signature food court in KLCC for some affordable meal. I spent RM 30 on the spaghetti oglio alio oglio oglio (whatever it's called), fried rice, deep fried chicken and a drink, wooo woo. Affordable huh.
S enjoys her meal. Delicious kebab!
My nasi goreng belacan. Yummm.
Fatty deep fried chicken. Now you know why my thighs jiggle the way they do.
Spaghetti aaaglio ooolio aaaaglio.
Yummm. Ignore my greasy hair/face.

If you're in KL or you ever plan to come here, just spend 5 minutes standing in front of the LV shop like a bunch of dorks and see if the wall pattern doesn't jump out at you. I took a picture of it but it's not the same =( You have to go there, it's like a Kandinsky painting, it'll just suck you right in. Too much for your eyes to handle.

We ended the day by paying homage to the Tugu Negara (national monument). Unfortunately we arrived a wee bit late, we were trekking the pathway to the statue when we heard trumphets. They had closed the gates and were taking down the flag. I got goosebumps and felt honoured to be a Malaysian. Imagine how many lives were sacrificed for the better of the country.
Boo to fence shots. To the honourary dead.
Katak shots!
In Ampang with some of my close friends.
Remote control failing.
<3 this shot. Radhead.
Random shot of meee.

Oooppps it's been a long post. I'll end with this photo of me. Nobody believes that I have ever met the Beatles =)
*See, I really did meet the Beatles!


  1. Oh im so jealouss, i wanna go to Malaysia for one time too!

  2. @thu hien nguyen you should do. they even have some good pho here.


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