Sunday, October 4, 2009

HOLY BATMAN shitloads of pictures.

It's a bit of a heavy post; there are well over 400 photos of my cousin's wedding but I managed to minimize it to 40+ photos. Most of the pictures are taken by me, except the pictures where I am in it (durr).


The bride and groom thingy on the cake.

The ring as hantaran.
My aunt made these cupcakes painstakingly with details.
Close up of one of the cupcakes. MM don't you just want to eat it.
One of the hantarans I decorated. Glue gun is a bitch when the glue gets on your skin.
My cousin's henna tattoo-ed hands.
One of the girls pretending to help.
Tchah. Who took this blurry picture?!?! One of the 9 year old girls.
My cousin managed a smile despite the butterflies!
Here, her palms was sweating. She was really nervous here.
This is the lafaz, where the wali (dad) gives her daughter away, bla-di-bla.
aaaw. i got goosebumps when i took these!
Sneaked this picture in whilst the photographer was adjusting his whatever.
Me and my granny. Do we look alike??

Fried beehoon cookinggg.
Smellyyyyy grl.
Kids with their firework crackers. Don't worry these ones are not dangerous.

I was the pengapit (bridesmaid) for the friday night session.
Somebody stole my heels so I had to make do with my flip-flops, shuddderr. Ooo and my clothes doesn't match hers because my cousin lost some weight so they had to change the costume =_=
See how short I am.
Kandar where the bride and groom sit on throne-like chairs and people carry them around. I don't know where I am looking hehe.
Bride and groom laughing nervously as the men who are carrying them walk around in a circle and jiggle the chair throne thing.
Kay if you notice properly there's something freaky going on with the angle of my head. Scary right?
The happy couple.
Fireworks that night, the bride and groom were watching from their kandar.
Me fanning the bride. It was farking hot to say the least. This is when relatives and family shake some leaves and stuff all over the bride and groom, something to usher in good luck. (I think).
Bride + Groom!
I love this picture, they were genuinely laughing in this one.
Cousins, distant cousins, second cousins, second cousin's boyfriend etc.
Me and my dad. He asked me "why is your make up so thick?" =.=
Me with one of my many cousins, har!


I woke up on Saturday morning at 6 am and it was already busy. My aunt was shooing me out of my bed, telling me to vacumn the house, to dry the mugs, rearrange the carpet. The menial tasks handed out to me.
The wedding cake made by my aunt, which had a lot of thumbprints on the icing by then =P
OMG this kid had the most pottiest mouth ever. She went up to a rather chubby kid (around 5 - 6 years old and said: weh weh you should really diet you're so fat and ran away).
My cousin looking absolutely stunning and princess-like.
I'm loving N's amazing contacts.
Me with my grandfather and grandmaa.
Me and my other cousin with (intended) same pattern print.
Some random baby who drooled all over my camera when I took him from his mom. So cuteee!

Then I had to leave back for uni because I had a final exam for a course the next day (public opinion - by the way, supahhh sucked at it. 2 hours is not enough for a 3 part essay paper, first of which is divided into 10 questions!). Much sleep deprived now, and I have a German oral test tomorrow, bla blaa. This is the week of assignments, much!

Being at the wedding made me all sentimental - I started thinking about what I wanted at my own wedding. When I started telling my boyfriend about this, he clapped his ears with his hands and refused to look at me =/


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHA... why would you divulge wedding details to your male significant other anyway? It scares them, hell it scares me, and I'm a chick! also i would not survive in kenduri-like weddings... *dies*

    Props to you, love. props to you. and those are some good looking pictures!

    Btw, you should really tell horrible teeth child that if she doesnt brush her teeth more often it'll look like someone took a dump in there.

  2. @ Sha Hahah I don't know I think the kid was eating some candy or something.

    Babes you're barely considered female ahaha. Well you're not considering the m word anyway right. Thanks for the compliments <3

  3. really beautiful photos.
    thank you so much for the comment, you life looks wonderful. Keep taking pictures, it is a fantastic way to express yourself and outlet your mind's desires.

  4. amazing photos. you have a beautiful family

  5. thank you guys for the positive feedback! pictures really are worth a thousand words.


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