Thursday, October 15, 2009

every morning you're the reason i get out of bed.

I love just being surrounded by people I love. Him, good company, good food and shisha is what makes me content nowadays. After sunset, it is all I look for.t
Yaa he went bald! Loveee.
This goat is S's bf. They're so cute together.
Cute right? Both are titchy midget sized people haha.
Loving the scruffy look. Those phallic shaped things are hookah pipes.
Barbican. "Non-alcoholic malt drinks". Awesome stuff, especially if it's raspberry flavour!
My housemate cooked this weird crackers which turned out to taste soooo good.
They spoilt me with cucur udang, batter with prawn. Since we are all on student budget this is udang-less (prawnless).
One of my cuuuute housemates. She is always camera ready haha.
Another one of my housemate, she does not eat vegetables hee hee.

AND WHAT THE HELL. This month alone I've had around 5 people I know either getting married or engaged. So jealous. Psst, I notice I always put food in my post. Oh well, I know you like it too.


  1. Looks like fun! I love hookah =]

  2. it is fun, we go for it almost every night
    which is why we're all broke =(


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