Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Born to eat and play.

I cut my hair and did some bangsss!!
But it's so hot here it literally sticks to my forehead most of the time =(

I was at my auntie's open house so here are some pictures. The outfit I'm wearing is baju kebaya, and the fabric was bought in Indonesia by my brother's gorgeous girlfriend.
Me and my female cousins. Resemblance, much?
Me, my grandma and my auntie. People say I look a lot my grandma. Maybe not here.
He looked hot in his baju melayu.
Me and him <3
With Wilson and Clarisse.
Me with a black blazer. Going for casual smart.

The final week of this semester (classes though, not yet exams) are killer! I printed a 200++ page report only to be told that some things are missing. Gahhh. Thank god the 160++ pages are appendix, so I don't have to touch that part. But I have to reprint and redo the remaining pages =(

His party is turning out to be complicated. Apparently people are allergic to reconfirming or texting back!


  1. wow those are some vibrant colors on the second photo- really lovely :)

  2. Thank you =) Malaysian events and celebrations are almost like combustions of colour palettes. Btw, I couldn't view your profile, do you think you can reset it so it can be viewed by all?

  3. Tu Carissa la sayang oi. not clarisse. though her FB is Curry Zhang. saya sudah confused. hahahaha...

    p/s how goes the pahtey. have they replied yet?


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